New upcoming Maritime Security Operative Course

For all that have been enquiring about the next MSO Course with the possibility of immediate deployment we have good news!
We are in the final stages of concluding negotiations for the next Maritime Security Operative Course.

Dates: TBD (November / December 2021) subject to amount of candidates.

If you would like to work as a Maritime Security Operative, please send your documents to our Operations Manager: or call 0048 796 536 745

Requirements for ordinary transits:

  • Minimum of 4 years continuous military service (including Armed Special Police / Special Forces)
  • Physical fitness
  • Good health
  • Clean Criminal Record Check (CRB)
  • Full military discharge papers with good conduct & honorable discharge
  • Statement from a psychologist about being fit to perform security duties
  • Yellow fever certificate

Additional requirements for Oil major’s transits:

  • Frontline experience within four years before discharge
  • Discharge within the last six years
  • Ex Infantry, Armour, Marines, Airborne, Special Forces, Special Armed Police (SWAT) with counter terrorism experience

We are always actively recruiting for the position of MSO Team Member & MSO Team Leader for these nationalities:
American, British, Portuguese, Croatian, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Italian, French, Spanish, South African, Ukrainian


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