Tactical Risk Group provides a vide range of specialised training courses for government agencies, law enforcement, military, private security etc. Learn the newest, most innovative and combat tested techniques. Our instructors utilise their years of knowledge and experience gained working home and abroad. Our aim is to transfer knowledge and abilities necessary for selfpreservation and protection of others to military, law enforcement and private security sector personnel through most realistic training options available. Our trainees develop and maintain the “Winning Mindset” under the watchful eye of our qualified instructors, whilst perfecting the basics and fundamentals in order to better their effectiveness in both military and civilian environments as well as high stress situations they might encounter in their line of work. Our training programmes helped many to become more confident and effective on the battlefield. Our staff of firearms and tactics trainers consists of former members of SOF and SWAT units as well as Private Military Contractors:

  • JWK Instructors (Polish Commando Unit)
  • BOR Instructors (Polish Secret Service)
  • GROM Instructors (Polish SOF)
  • SAS Instructors (British SOF)
  • USMC Scout Snipers Instructors (USA)
  • CIED NATO Certified and EOD Instructors
  • SPAT Instructors (Polish SWAT)
  • PSD Operators
  • Combat Medics
  • MARSEC Operators
  • Parachute and Fastrope Instructors

Our main concern is to provide our students with the necessary abilities to survive in any environment. The training programmes are based around realistic scenarios in which the students have to focus which in turn translates to their tactical awareness necessary to survive in the lethal combat conditions of urban and suburban terrain. All Tactical Risk Group instructors are still active working in the security sector. They not only provide training but are still themselves active in the field. This gives our students the possibility to gain not only textbook knowledge but also that of real life experience that our instructors have.

Tactics and techniques presented during our courses (odnośnik to COURSES) and coupled with realistic training scenarios, enabling the students to better their abilities. Participants of our courses will develop confidence and firmness. These will be key to making the right choices during situations they will encounter in their line or work. All of our courses have been designed using the best industry practise of the military, law enforcement and private sector coupled with the experience of our instructors.