Close Protection

Close Protection is not only about keeping the VIP alive, but also the mental preparation for dealing with unexpected situations. Knowing this, we train and prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario. Our instructors, unquestionable professionals in the field, will tailor you for the job no matter if you will be protecting a celebrity or a convoy in a High Risk Country.

Close Protection Basic / Advance

This is an integrated course for enlisted personnel and security officers wishing to undergo a complementary course in close protection is “Business” and well as “Dignitary” structures

The course runs for 14 or 25 days respectively for Close Protection Basic or Advance. The CPO course combines classroom lectures with intensive physical training. It has been designed to teach the necessary abilities required of specific operators or security detachments working as a Security Officer or a PSD Operator.

During this course students will get accustomed to all aspects of work necessary for a Close Protection Operative. Perspective Agents will have to present their skills and abilities to undertake the right decisions and implement them. Students will undergo training in aspects like car driving, dismounted unit tactics, handtohand combat, implementing a weapon in extreme situations.

The final part of the course is a 24 hour forceonforce practical exam. The exam will evaluate the skills and knowledge gained during the course.

Privet Military Contractor

Private Military ContractorPrivate Military Contractors are former soldiers, working alongside conventional armed forces such as the US Army providing a wide range of specialised security in line with the safety or military operations. Individual operators are mainly hired by large companies as part of their agreement with a specific MOD or Ministry of Interior. They also work as private security and military for foreign governments, international corporations or rich individuals. There are many names the companies in this industry are known by Private Security Contractors, Private Military Corporations, Private Military Firms, Military Service Providers and the Private Military Industry.

The name Private Military Corporations might be misleading as rarely do PMC’s get in involved in real combat operations. Although the fact these companies have well armed personnel like armed forces and hire only former military members (most of whom are combat veterans of tasks that until recently have been solely tasked to the armed forces) only contributes to the name.

Course description: The Private Military Contractor Course PSD, PMO is an intensive course designed for those willing to provide VIP security in high risk areas such as Africa or the Middle East. The students will learn about security planning, ways of escorting a VIP, mobility and firstaid techniques as well as communication methods, navigation, car driving, shooting from inside a moving vehicle, correct and proper response to threats and proper and effective extraction of VIP.

Maritime Security Operative

Operator bezpieczenstwa MorskiegoMSOs are private operatives in maritime security. This is a new form of a private seaborne armed force (set up to combat the terror associated with piracy attacks including hijacking and theft).

Tactical Risk Group offers a wide range of marsec courses. Our nine day Maritime Security Operative course provides our students with all the necessary qualifications to undertake work as a Maritime Security Operative as part of the International Shipping Security. Our course follows international norms and the STCW convention in regards of training seafarers. As part of the training a City & Guilds MSO level 3 course is carried out which is accredited and necessary for working with British MarSec Companies.

STCW - Basic Safety Training Certificate

  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

STCW - Certificate of Proficiency for Seafarers with designated Security Duties

STCW - Certificate of Proficiency in Security Awareness

Maritime Security Operative

TCCC Medical Training Certificate

Firearms Competency Certificate

STCW - ENG1 - Medical Certificate for service at sea

Seaman’s Discharge Book

Shooting training and tactics

szkoleniaStrzeleckieTactical Risk Group provides shooting and tactics training for enlisted personnel, security services and private individuals. Beginners, intermediate and advanced, who wish to:

  • Better their shooting and tactics skills
  • Gain the essential knowledge of proper and safe operation of various weapons
  • Further their shooting abilities through frequent training and valuable input from our instructors

We guarantee that upon completion of the course your knowledge and weapon handling skills will significantly improve. Tactical shooting touches on invaluable topics like: shot placement, presentation, grip, shooting stances, strong and support hand, moving targets, shooting from behind over, fast reloads these are but a few of the assignments and techniques we present during our course. If you wish to learn modern shooting techniques and find yourself in a group of professionals at what they do we invite you to join our shooting courses (odnośnik do KONTAKT)

Designated Defence Marksman

Strzelanie dystansoweThis 5 day course is designed for those willing to familiarise themselves with all aspects of work as a Designated Marksman. We will equip you with the skills necessary to engage targets at long range. Tactical Risk Group provides well established and proven sniper rifles and instructors with a mountain of knowledge and experience in this field. Among our staff we have USMC Scout Snipers and have gained the HOG Tooth at Quantico, Virginia as well as instructors of various special units. We will teach you how to properly configure your equipment, set up your position to remain undetected, pick the right kind of ammunition for the task. We will make sure that upon completion of the course you will be fit for the job and have all the necessary skills.

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) lub Close Quarter Combat ( CQB)

CQBClose Quarter Combat or Close Quarter Battle is a type of engagement in which small detachments or sections engage the opposing force at a close range with small arms, and can potentially get involved in handtohand combat or find themselves using a weapon such as a combat knife or bayonet. In a typical scenario, fighting in confined spaces, the attackers try to use the element of surprise, very quickly, rapidly overtake the structure controlled by the defenders, who usually do not have an easy possibility of withdrawal. Because opponents, hostages/civilians and accompanying soldiers can be intermingled, CQC/CQB requires a rapid advance and precise shot placement during the battle. Operators must be able to very efficiently use weapons and have the ability to very quickly make decisions in order to avoid or limit casualties from ''friendly fire''. CQC is defined as shortterm high intensity, characterized by a sudden implementation of force at a short distance.

Our sevenday course is intended for enlisted personnel, private military operators and for people who would like to get to know the methods and operation of assault teams. The training includes combat techniques at close distances, ''stress shoot'' (shooting in a stressful situation), overtaking a structure utilising various entry methods, eg. The tactical entry with the use of explosives, breaching tools for doors, hinges and locks, fight in confined spaces, use of flashbang grenades to stun and gain an advantage over an opponent. Throughout the 7 days students will receive the maximum amount of knowledge, exercises and applications useful in leading to fight at close distances. Our instructors keep a special emphasis on the fight in the halls, corridors, staircases, and gladly pass on their knowledge acquired through years of  experience in special forces.

What you will learn:

  • CQB terminology
  • CQB basics
  • Assault Team Configuration
  • Behavior and approach to the entry point
  • Actions at the entry point
  • Operations after entering the room
  • Order or room cleaning
  • Testing procedures
  • Tactics and behavior in stairwells and corridors
  • Simulated attacks exercises
  • Weapon safety.
Tactical Combat Casualty TCCC

The course is designed for all branches of enlisted personnel, private security operators and individuals who would like to receive the necessary knowledge to administer premedical aid on the battlefield. The TCCC course will provide you with the opportunity to learn new methods to help yourself or the ones you care about. You will learn emergency measures, which are used at the modern battlefield.

  • Description of the differences between civilian and tactical medicine
  • Operating procedures according to TCCC / TECC
  • Problems and characteristics of injuries occurring in combat
  • Tactical Medical Equipment (tactical tourniquet, dressings, haemostatic dressings, etc.)
  • Safe handling of the weapon during rescue operations
  • Methods of evacuation a casualty from a car
  • Proceedings under fire
  • Bearing a wound with improvised means
  • Exercises in simulated combat situations.