Here you will find all you need to know about our instructors.

Personal Profile:

Tactical Risk Group was established in 2013 by a former member of the 1st Special Commando Regiment 4101 Lubliniec, whose experience stretches beyond his military service, with years of work in the private sector providing security and close protection services.

After leaving the military, he left for Great Britain, where he worked in the security sector for five years as a VIP security agent. After returning, he worked as a tactical training instructor at one of the leading security companies in Poland. As a security professional, he honed his skills and gained experience in training centres abroad. He underwent training in the USA, ISRAEL, UKRAINE, and completed training at the well-known Spetsnaz Center ” Vityaz ” in Russia. In 2013, he started his company, Tactical Risk Group, while in the same year starting work as a maritime security operative. After just eight months he was promoted to Team Leader and worked in this capacity until 2016. Since then he has dedicated his full attention to running the company. 

makała Piotr



Bartosz Norman

Personal Profile:

An Expert in Firearms with over 15 years of experience. Undergone extensive training at a multitude of training centres in Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Germany. Served as a Marksman and Instructor with the Territorial Defense Force of Poland. Decorated by many NATO countries for firearms excellence, winner of a multitude of international shooting competitions. Received the Merit for National Defense Medal from the Polish MOD. Contracted for 5 years in Africa and the Middle East in the capacity of Security Team Medic, Team Leader and Armory Custodian. Personally trained over 750 former servicemen for work in High Risk Areas around the World.

Personal Profile:

Former operator of the Military Commando Unit JWK, a veteran of five combat missions four times in Afghanistan and once in Iraq. A graduate and attendant of many foreign courses and training exercises. Operator of the only MERT (Mobile Exploitation and Reconnaissance Team) special group in Europe and NATO tasked with combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. He ended his military career after 21 years of service. Currently a firearms and tactics instructor. Maritime Security Team Leader at HRA.


Arkadiusz Gibki "GIBON"


Krzysztof Pluta "WIR"

Personal Profile:

The first in Poland graduate of the Special Operations Combat Medic (SOCM) course of the elite JSOMTC school for US Specialist physicians in Fort Bragg and the US Army 68W Combat Medic infantry medics course at Fort Sam Huston, an operator with over 15 years of experience in a combat team of the Military Commando Unit.

WIR spent over 40 months as a medic-operator of a combat team in areas affected by armed conflicts recognized as a war zone, and as practice in a compliment of MEDEVAC helicopter personnel. This time translates into huge practice and experience in providing assistance on the battlefield.

Sr. Sgt. as part of MA (military assistance) classes, Krzysztof Pluta was also involved in training special physicians for the Polish, Iraqi, Afghan and US armies. In recognition of his service he was awarded, among others, the Order of the Military Cross and a Buzdygan or “Mace” (a military “Oscar” awarded by the monthly “Polska Zbrojna” Journal)

Personal Profile:

A Knight of the Order of the Military Cross – currently the highest military decoration in Polish Armed Forces. He is a former operator of the Military Commando Unit from Lubliniec, where he spent almost 17 years. He is the second soldier in the history of Polish Special Forces who completed an advanced training of special forces medics “Special Operations Combat Medic” in the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, JSOMTC, Fort Bragg, USA.

As the first soldier of the Polish Special Forces, he was actively involved in the creation and execution of the first edition of the “NATO Special Operations Combat Medic” course, which is currently the standard of training for medics of the special forces in the NATO coalition. In 2017 the US Department of the Army awarded him “The Army Achievement Medal” for my meritorious achievements as a NATO Special Operations Combat Medic Section instructor at the ISTC. He gained his experience during numerous combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, (where he provided medical assistance in field conditions), in a hospital environment and during many domestic and foreign exercises, supervising and managing field medical activities in conventional and unconventional war environments. During one of the operations he was wounded twice, which turned out to be a turning point in his  military career. In addition to the military he is also a licensed paramedic.

In 2006, he was awarded the Order of the Military Cross for my outstanding actions on the battlefield.

For 10 years he had been an honorary member of the Chapter of the Order of the Military Cross. Moreover he is a winner of the „Mace”, a prestigious award of the “Polska Zbrojna” Journal which he received for his activities related to the development of battlefield medicine not only in Poland but also in the world. As a SOF operator he took part in multiple military operations and exercises all over the World.

sikor 2

Łukasz Sikora „Sikor”



Personal Profile:

Over 15 years of experience in close VIP protection in Poland and abroad. He conducted security assignments in Spain, France, Switzerland, Malaysia, Borneo, Laos North Africa, Colombia and Brazil. He is fluent in Polish, English and Spanish. He has a number of instructor and professional qualifications:

As a Close Protection instructor, he trained over 1000 personal protection agents. He was responsible for the training of government services, including the Special Security Force of Bangladesh and the Sultan Guard of Oman. The creator of proprietary training programs for personal security agents and shooting training programs dedicated to security agents.

Personal Profile:

Former Operator of the Independent Anti-Terrorism Police Unit. He began his adventure with the police at the Gwardia Wrocław sports club, where in 1998 he began training, and achieved further sports successes and gained increasingly higher skills until  First Dan. 

In 1996, after passing the selection he joined the Independent Counter-Terrorism Police Unit where he started working as an operator in the SPAP Wrocław team, where he raised his professional qualifications. After several years of service on the first line, Przemek became an instructor in this branch, where he began to transfer his knowledge to other officers. 

During his service he participated in combat operations, for which he was repeatedly awarded and awarded the bronze medal “Distinguished Policeman”. He also participated in the Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo where he was responsible for protecting delegations from the UN in Kosovo.

Przemysław Stępień